Rise Of The “Dones”

“Dones” are Christians who were once involved in the church but have decided to just be done with church.  They have become non-attenders or only make occasional appearances in church.  My grandfather, as far back as I can remember and way before it was a trend, was Done with church but he never said much about why other than  “You don’t have to go to church to get to heaven”.

The number of “Dones” is growing and now there is research that seems to offer some explanations.   Josh Packard, according to the Winnipeg Free Press,  says:

  • People are weary of sitting in pews and going through the same motions every Sunday — they’re bored.
  • The sermon-centered style of most worship services today feels like a lecture to attenders and they are tired of the format.
  • Church politics and committees wear people out and leaves people feeling that they are missing out on the life Jesus has to offer them.
  • People would rather be involved with the community volunteering or serving with other civic groups.
  • One pastor said “I didn’t want to be part of the machine anymore. I wanted to change the focus of my life to relationships.”

Jesus promised an abundant life.  Instead, It sounds like the church has become more of a spiritual desert for people rather a refreshing, renewing experience.  This raises some questions.  Do you think that Packard has it right on why people quit church?  What keeps you from becoming a “done”?  Have you thought about becoming a “Done” and what is pushing you in that direction?.  Biblically, what should the church really be like?  What action, if any, should be taken?  Please give us your thoughts.

More about Packard’s research can be found through these links:





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