Cripple Creek & Victor

A few weeks ago we took a tour of the mining district of Cripple Creek and Victor.  It has been many years since I was there last and I expected to be built up with casinos and unrecognizable from the last time I visited before gambling was allowed there.

I was surprised to see that gambling seemed to revive the place.  There were not many abandoned buildings and there was a lot of activity.  There were a few big casinos for sure but they didn’t dominate the scene.  It seemed to me like the character of the old mining district was preserved and much of the economy was still built around mining history.


Mining is still happening in the area but it is not pretty.  They mine for gold but strip mining has destroyed at least two mountains and the view for years to come.  It is shocking to see what has happened to the once wild forest and you have to wonder what people were thinking when they allowed such a thing.  Gold Fever is for real.