Robert Reich Link Gives Counterbalance to Ayn Rand

Lest anyone think that I am a committed Ayn Rand fan, I have added a link to Robert Reich‘s blog to bring  balance to my list of links.  To understand the current economic debate a person has to know what Ayn Rand has to say.  Her philosophy was the basis for Reaganomics and just about all of the Republican economic policies since.  I think that her ideas taken to the extreme have brought our government’s ability to make economic policy  to a standstill and given us the radical right and the Tea Party.

Instead of extremist ideology we need to be making thoughtful decisions.  I have been a fan of Robert Reich for a long time and I  think he offers a rational and workable approach to our economic problems.  We can only hope that rational voices like his will begin to rise above the political noise soon.