Moses: Lame Deer’s Kindred Spirit


I have been reading Lame Deer Seeker of Visions.  Lame Deer  had some interesting thoughts about the white man’s religion and Moses in particular.  This is what Lame Deer Says:

Inyan Wasicun Waken—the Holy White Stone Man—that’s what we call Moses.  He appeals to us.  He goes up all alone to the top of his mountain like an Indian, to have his vision, be all alone with his God, who talks to him through fire, bushes and rocks.  Moses, coming back from the hill carrying stone tablets with things scratched on them—he would have made a good Indian medicine man.

There is a lesson here for all who would become missionaries or even share the gospel with a neighbor.  Part of reservation life involved sending young children away to school to be taught white man’s ways and this included instruction in Christianity.  It is possible that Lame Deer actually knew more about Christianity than many white people do today.  However, in this case Lame Deer interprets the events described through is own world view.  Moses has gone on a vision quest to receive a message from the great mystery, the impersonal Wakan Tanka, delivered through nature—rocks, bushes, and fire. 

The influence of culture is powerful.  Lame Deer probably heard the message clearly but could not understand because of the dominating influence of his culture.  Sometimes a clear message by itself is not enough change hearts and bring people to salvation.  Lame Deer said often that you can’t change an Indian.   


Isaiah 25-27: Glory for God and Salvation for Men

I just finished reading chapters 24-25 in Isaiah. It is really quite amazing this section of the parallels the book of revelation so closely.  Seven to eight hundred before John wrote Revelation God had reveled his plans to men.   Specifically:

  • Judgement of nations and tribulation
  • Conquest by Assyria
  • The promise of salvation and Jesus
  • Victory of God in the millennial kingdom
  • God’s subdues and punished His enemies   

The striking thing is that the prophecies that came to pass were literally fulfilled.  We should expect a literal fulfillment of the prophecies that still await fulfillment.