Finished Revelation

We finished Revelation yesterday.  Some have asked about the materials that were used in the class so I will keep our ABF website up and running with the materials in the documents section.

We are starting the Truth Project in 2 weeks.  I suppose the blog can be used for that class too so I will also keep the Little Man’s Blog going.

Just a personal note to all those that came to the class:  Thank you all for persevering and contributing your thoughts.  It was one of the more difficult books we tackled and I would say we got through it pretty well. I’ll put all the resources I used on the web page if you want to study more.


Revolution II

Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations.  I think one of the problems we believers today have is that we try too hard to avoid offense to anyone with a different point of view.  The efforts of some to make the church seeker friendly or accomodate the post modern world view make it possible for a person to be involved with the church for an entire lifetime and never hear the truth.  Brian Mclaren and Rob Bell are examples of those who seem willing to cast off the truth entirely in order to make the church more palatable to those who do not believe. 

If we are to make disciples in todays world then we are revolutionaries.  We do not seek territory or a new political order. Instead we seek to change hardened hearts and deluded minds set against God.   The Bible says that the fate of every person is either the lake of fire and eternal torment or eternal life with Jesus in the new heavens and earth.  Those who do not believe in Jesus and rely upon Him to bring them into a relationship with God and eternal life are destined for doom.  Che Guevara was not a Christian but he knew about revolutions.  He was right in saying that a revolution can not be disguised.  We need to hit people that do not beleive between the eyes with the truth of the gospel to crack thier hard haearts shake their delusions loose.