Federal Blvd, Denver Co


Work requires me to take trips to Denver with some regularity. When I first had the idea of taking pictures on this route my idea was to try to communicate the flavor of life on this little stretch. I think that this is a colorful part of town, but also troubled. It is a poor part of town and on normal days there are a lot of homeless people and people asking for money on the corners. It provides quite a contrast with the big city skyline that seems to proclaim prosperity.

This was a rainy day so there were very few people out except around the social services building.

Judging from the bars on the windows and everywhere else it seems that people do not feel very safe here and people do not respect the property of others much. When I look at the pictures I feel a sense of loss mostly. Grief over loss of what could be and what I know used to be. Perhaps a little angst because I am a stranger in this place that used to belong to my fathers. I resonate with the weltschmerz that charges the air.

The Hispanic and Asian cultures are a strong presence and I wonder if they clash or coexist independently, barely aware of each other.

I do not know what it is like after sunset but I wonder if gangs and other sorts of evil and vice rule the night.

Religion has established impressive redoubts here. I wonder how many people have embraced the hope and salvation that Jesus offers. I wonder how many consider the church to be a burden or irrelevant. I wonder if perhaps the church coexists with the other cultures there in a detente of toleration. I wonder if it is not like that at all and the church is a source of life for everyone.

To take the tour and wonder about stuff too, try the link below.