Savory Meat


This is Maggie May, she hangs out at the used book store on Linden Street in Fort Collins, CO

A few weeks ago we went to the store and found this huge steak on sale for $3.50 at Safeway. Of course it was one of the tougher cuts but I thought if we marinated and barbecued the thing it would be all right. We didn’t have any marinade sauce so I made up my own deal with molasses, soy sauce, garlic, cayenne pepper, and a couple of other ingredients that seemed good.

After it sat in the sauce for a while we cooked it up and it was amazingly good. The steak was so big that we got about 3 meals out of it. One day, I made a sandwich out of it and took it to work for lunch. It was one of those days that did not permit much time for lunch and although I thought about how good that sandwich would taste all day, it wasn’t until the day was over that I had any time to eat. I debated about trying to eat on the way home but the idea of all that savory flavor won out and I unwrapped the sandwich and took a bite. I thought it was wonderful. Then tragedy struck. I big piece of that meat slipped between the bread, bounced off my lap and rolled on the floor of my car. While screaming down the highway, I reached down and grabbed it with near light speed. It didn’t look too bad and was well within the 5 second rule time frame, but then I thought of all the places my feet have been in last 6 months and all the things that could be on the carpet and I just couldn’t do it.

I was nearly pushed to the point of despair until I hit upon a terrific idea. To avoid such a terrible waste of this tasty morsel, I would toss it to the first dog I came upon. Sometimes dogs can be nearly human in their reactions to things and I imagined how the dog’s big brown eyes would shine with delight and how his tail might wag once he sunk his teeth into the succulent beef. I was quite taken with the idea and began to plan out the method of delivery. It would be quite a challenge to get it to the dog from a car car going 50 miles an hour and complex variables such as wind resistance and arm strength would have to be considered. It would have to be laid out in front of the dog so he could see it and done in a manner that would communicate that a great gift is being offered. It would be bad if the dog thought I was throwing rocks at it or if the throw was so off the mark that he didn’t even see it. If the dog was on the right it would have to be a hook shot over the top of the car and if the dog was not the left it would have to be a sort of Frisbee like toss.

As I got closer to home, I became increasingly concerned because I hadn’t seen any dogs. To my huge disappointment I discovered that there were no dogs on the 22 mile route from work to my house. Even the beagle was not out that day. As I threw the meat into the trash with great disgust, I thought that must be how Jesus feels to have a great gift of salvation and no takers.

I thought about that for a few minutes and then thought perhaps I wasn’t thinking about things rightly. Jesus said that the fields were ripe, the harvest was plentiful, and the problem was that there were few workers. As I looked back on the whole experience, I guess it would have been better to take that meat to the dog pound. I probably should clean the carpets in my car too.


Good Wildlife Day

Cameron Pass Moose
Snowy Range Flower


Last Saturday we went on a trip to Wyoming to see what was going on in the Snowy Range. The flowers there were beautiful and we decided to make a long loop back home that brought us through the Poudre River canyon. It was on this return that we saw a bald eagle and eight different moose including two babies and a bull.

When we were pretty far down the canyon, we saw a black bear on the other side of the river. We pulled over in time to watch him make two attempts to swim to our side of the river. He made it on the second try and climbed up to the road. He was looking very cute and huggable until a speeding truck scared him and he took off going west along the river. He was too far away for a good picture but it was the first time I saw a bear in the wild during daylight hours.

The wildlife guys say that Bears are common around here and, although they come into town once in a while, they stay out of sight mostly. I have a book on photographing wildlife and it says that you should never get between a bear and its cubs, never get between a bear and its food, keep a long distance between you and the bear, and never approach a bear unless you have written your last will and testament first. Bears look very huggable but it sounds like they don’t like it much.

96 Beers

We are planning on taking a road trip soon so we thought it would be a good thing to have a good cooler so we went to the local sporting goods store to see what was available. The salesman was a young kid and I have to give him a lot of credit because he wanted to talk about all the features of each model to make sure that we got the best one.

He was particularly high on a cube model and told me that last Friday he and a friend put it to the test and found that it could hold 96 beers. I presume that they drank them all that night as well. Why he thought that particular point was an important selling point for me, I’ll never know. I took it as quite a compliment that he would think that I belonged to the college age bohemian type crowd that would would cough up the cash for a cooler that would hold that much precious treasure.

I also thought that here is guy with a completely different way of looking at life and priorities that are way different than mine. I wondered what a Christian response to him would be. All too often I think we are prone to not respond positively and level the person with “the look”. You know the look I am talking about–that one that silently but violently speaks condemnation and communicates how offended we are all rolled into one. The look can become an automatic with us Christians sometimes. Perhaps I unconsciously gave him the look or maybe the light caught my face in the right way and he could tell by depth of the creases in my face that I belonged to a different demographic than he was pitching to but in any case he dropped the 96 beer angle pretty quickly.

In the end we bought a less expensive 48 beer capacity model and I still left wondering how I could have turned that into a spiritual conversation.