Back to Normal But Disoriented

After two and a half weeks of coughing, nasal distress, and not breathing easy, I have made it back to health. This cold was the worst illness I have had in years and I am glad to be rid of it.

Illness can play havoc with a person but not as much as some shocks to the psyche. In my now distant past, and about 4 or 5 churches ago, I taught Sunday school for high school kids. I don’t think I was bad at it and I could relate because my teen years didn’t seem that far behind me at the time.

One day the UPS guy dropped something off for us and, to my surprise, he turns out to be Doug. Doug and his older brother Mike, attended that church and Mike was in my high school Sunday school class. Since I hadn’t seen him or Mike for a while, we caught up a little on life and it turns out that they are both married and have kids that will be in high school themselves in a few short years. That was hard to wrap my mind around but the really big zapper came today when I ran into Naomi, another fellow attender, at the grocery store. Naomi has a son that is way younger than Mike or Doug and Naomi introduced me to Elizabeth, one of her son’s three kids.

Needless to say, that caused to me pause and I suppose that should have made me feel very old. Instead, I felt mildly disoriented. I don’t think that life has changed much for me but it sure has for them. Time moves along very fast but these things made me realize that it is a very good thing to have spiritual connections with other believers that endure.


In Search of The Cure

I have been able to catch up with my Bible reading plan and have made it through a lot of Psalms, Proverbs, Samuel, Chronicles, and Kings. I should have lots to say, but for now I am not really able because I am pretty sick with a cold. I spent most of today and yesterday in bed. I have been reading Black Elk Speaks in bed today and came across a story about how Black Elk healed a sickly youngster. Of course, Black Elk attributes the healing to the great spirit.

As I thought about it, It seemed like I could probably do this ceremony for myself and get pretty close to what Black Elk did. It seemed to me like I was a lot like that kid and it worked for him. So being in an unhappy state of physical distress I was sorely temped to try it. But wisdom called. Why should I forsake the one true God who saves so quickly for a temporary benefit? I prayed that God would help me with this thing in the morning and was considering the Black Elk cure by afternoon. I am glad I chose to follow God in this small thing and I appreciate in a more real way how easy it was for Saul and the Kings of Israel to fall into evil.

The funny thing is, I think that Back Elk thing would have worked.

Glad hearts belong to those who follow God
Those who chose other ways bring grief upon themselves.